A Documentary "Our Father" premiered on Netflix, Which is based on a true story.

The Documentary "Our Father" tells about a disgraced Indiana fertility doctor, Donald Cline. This documentary focuses on the misdeeds of Dr. Donald Cline.

Dr. Donald Cline was considered to be one of the best fertility doctors in Indianapolis. Because Donald Cline helped hundreds of parents who had problems conceiving get pregnant.

But after some time it was found that Dr. Donald Cline artificially inseminated his own sperm into his female patients without their knowledge or consent.

after it was revealed that he had fathered 94 children and counting, all of whom are half-siblings.

One of Cline's children, Jacoba Ballard, uncovered the truth when she grew suspicious of the Dr. Donald Cline after taking a DNA test in search of possible half-siblings. 

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