Pregnant Texas woman cited for driving alone in HOV lane, claims unborn child counts as second passenger

A pregnant Texas woman who was given a traffic ticket for driving solo in an HOV lane

Brandi Bouton, 34, said she was given the ticket on June 29 after being pulled over by police while driving on a highway near the city.

“I was driving to pick up my son. I knew I couldn't even be a minute late, so I took the HOV lane,

As I exited the HOV, there was a checkpoint at the end of the exit. I slammed on my brakes, and I was pulled over by the police

The cop asked her if she had a passenger with her, “I pointed to my stomach and said, ‘My baby girl is right here. She is a person,’”

Bottone then mentioned the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned the constitutional right to an abortion – but was dismissed by one of the officers,